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As more and more individual companies deliver suborbital space flights, the idea of going into space as a traveler is getting even more attention. And with great reason – also just the weightless feeling of 0 % gravity can be transformative. In fact , most people are so influenced by their experience that they want to go back — and in the future it might be possible to achieve this on a regular basis.

In 2004 Burt Rutan’s privately developed SpaceShipOne flew just more than the edge of space, successful the $10,50 million Ansari X Award and helping usher in the age of space tourism. After that, there have been many other such excursions, but these were all executed on government-owned vehicles (such the Russian Soyuz and the International Space Station) or simply by chartering a flight by a company like Space Journeys.

A more realistic option for foreseeable future space tourists is to take a business trip on one of the fresh, private companies, such as Elon Musk’s Green Origin or perhaps Virgin Galactic. But despite their claims to “open space to everyone, ” these organizations remain exceptional and high-priced. They command hefty prices to get tickets and possess largely directed their flights at the extremely wealthy.

As well as for those of us exactly who can’t afford to fly in a private spaceship, there are other ways to experience the ensemble, including through virtual reality and immersive art gallery exhibits. But perhaps the most important matter to remember is the fact space tourism is a nonetheless a relatively fresh industry, and there’s a lot of job to do prior to a middle-class traveler can usually get into orbit for less than that costs to fly to Australia from New York.