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Traditionally, firms that need to securely write about confidential documents with regards to material occasions such as M&A, funding models, high-level relationships and legal actions could spin up entirely distinct file infrastructures or discover purpose-built info room program. With Egnyte’s robust peer to peer features such as granular permissions, two-factor authentication and sensitive file tests, we can provide companies a great easy-to-use treatment that can handle the vast majority of their employ cases without needing to invest in higher priced tools.

Adding an electronic watermark to your documents adds an original digital personal that can’t be removed or stripped through the content. This could be used for reliability reasons, along with prove that you were the original author and owner of a particular item of information. The digital watermarking can even be applied to medical images and files to make certain patients’ info is not being edited (integrity check) or interfered with during transmission.

Each of our dynamic watermark feature imprints across every single uploaded data file a semi-transparent overlay of your viewer’s email or IP address (depending upon whether they’re logged in Box), their time zone, and the date after they opened the document. Watermarks are viewable for all users with at least editor agreement amounts and over, and can be turned on at the folder or file level.

Our digital watermark feature is a superb addition to each of our comprehensive info room protection features such as file tracking, NDAs, access control, print & download restrictions and password protection. With these tools, you can be sure that your data is normally securely shared with a limited selection of participants — and no one else.