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Hairstyles are one of the most common ways designed for black women of all ages to express their individuality. In addition to highlighting their personality, these hair styles are often representational of the trend of Dark-colored culture. Today, more Black women are choosing to adapt to the organic beauty of their wild hair. The topic of magnificence and hair styles amongst Black ladies has been a hypersensitive issue for decades, with its root base in the Civil Rights Activity.

The pressure to seem like white girls can affect Dark-colored women’s self-pride. Eurocentric criteria of charm are common egyptian beautiful girls in the entertainment market, workplace, and perhaps romantic romances. This pressure can lead to a decrease in self-esteem and mental health and wellness. Journalist Chante Griffin recently cut her hair short to challenge this pressure. Previously, the girl wore her hair extended and directly. But when the lady decided to experiment with a different style, she discovered how people reacted to her new aspect.